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Hostel Life
Hostel Life

2021-03-17 08:48:07

The trend of hostels is increasing day by day. To tackle the problem of accommodation for the students shifting to different cities for higher education, hostels are getting emerged in the society. Hostel life is a real experience for the students in a short time span.
Hostels bring the students of the same gender, belonging to different ages, different fields, and different sects under one roof. They learn manners from each other. They cooperate with each other. They respect each other. They respect the morals and values of each other. Thus hostel life is a source of learning for the students.
Hostel life also brings patience to students. The students sharing one room take care of the needs of their fellows. If one of them does wrong, the other one forgives or ignores it. They do not react harshly. Thus they learn from their mistakes and it brings patience in them.
Hostel life is completely independent of home life. The students are deprived of the restrictions they experience at their homes. They are not asked by anyone to study or to do their homework. They study whenever they want. They wake up whenever they want. They sleep whenever they want. To go to their colleges and universities whenever they want. They are free to do their decisions. Hence hostel life brings a feeling of responsibility to the students.
In their hometown, they are not experienced to live in the worst conditions. They are being facilitated by their parents in every way. In hostels, they have to keep their budget in control. They have to survive within the limited amount of pocket money given to them. They have to eat whatever they are given by the mess. They have to buy within their limited range because they are not constantly being paid by their parents.
Thus, hostel life teaches cooperation, teaches patience and overall it teaches life.

Soha Gull