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Hostel Life in COVID 19
Hostel Life in COVID 19

2021-03-31 14:26:27

We all know about the deadly coronavirus that hit the nation in March 2019 leading impact on our mental health. As we all know in the pre -covid era is easy but it is not so in post-covid time. As covid through its impact on all over the globe, hostel life also got affected. Particularly, hostel life is one of the beautiful journeys of one’s life but in the corona phase students have gone through a bit more than normal. We have entered a new world where the mask, sanitizers, and social distancing are a new normal, taking precautionary measures is mandatory.
Accepting the new norms is better to be safe.
The Responsibility of students to be safe in hostels is do not to share their food, maintain social distancing, keep cleaning your room, 80% alcohol must be placed in the gates, corridors, and kitchen premises. Proper hygiene standards have to be followed.
Hard time will end and we are in this together apart.

Soha Gull